Thursday, July 31, 2014


Cost-efficient self-supporting sandwich panel construction and flexible floor plan.

Monday, July 7, 2014

gary gladwish


the boomslang canopy walkway

MPA Architetti

kit architects

raumplan - a sequence of open spaces

zaha hadid - heydar aliyev centre


country road - bed




The sports hall facility uses a Meccano model construction system concept (consisting of reusable metal strips, plates, angle girders, wheels, axles and gears, with nuts and bolts to connect the pieces). For unheated, low-cost and lightweight construction (using standardized off-the-shelf components used throughout industrial buildings and warehouses).

Campos Leckie Studio

An interdisciplinary design studio - who engage in the practice of design across a variety of scales and media - including buildings, environments, installations, branding, and communication design. Founded on the relationship between the opportunities afforded in the material production of a project and a disciplined engagement in the development of an internal design logic. Committed to a rigorous process of discovery, the core of the practice relies on a deeply-rooted fascination with the act of making.

MacGabhann Architects


Thursday, July 3, 2014


NOMI offers customers the opportunity to customize and purchase their own locally crafted furniture from a broad range of affordable, cleverly designed base models.

NOMI is about offering beautifully designed and hand crafted furniture pieces that people can customise online and purchase at affordable prices’ says co-founder Michael Grassi. ‘Once a customer selects their custom options, their order is sent directly to our manufacturer to make that bespoke piece’.