Thursday, October 30, 2014

A home in the hills of Tasmania, Australia by Room 11

Designed by and for architects Thomas Bailey and Megan Baynes’ of Room 11, the box-like home is a special place. “It was a good opportunity for us to clarify our architectural values and have them manifested directly,” says Thomas, Architect + Director of Room 11.

The architects (and owners) took the environment into consideration: In order to combat the “cold, damp and claustrophobic” environment, due to low cloud and mist, creating an interior that was “generous, warm, and spacious” was crucial. “While this is a beautiful area, it is challenging for long term occupation,” says Thomas.

Polycarbonate cladding on the eastern and western facades "render luminous shadow walls " and with the considered placement of windows brings an overall high quality of light while framing views to the exterior.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Medium-Density Units in Los Angeles by LOHA Architects

These 6 units 2-storeys high in downtown Los Angeles have a timber structure and are clad in white corrugated metal cladding - both solid and perforated offering layers of privacy and views out not in.

A variety of window types offer uniqueness to each of the units.

Instead of interior corridors, the units are entered from the exterior promoting spatial efficiency. Each with their own private entrance.

Inside, oak floors and extensive windows and doors gives ample daylighting to the spaces.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Friska - a food kiosk

The Cloak by Fearon Hay

A function and meeting space for Auckland's International Airport - The Cloak is a living green roof that, while constructed from woven mesh and shaped to a timber frame, appears to lay lightly on the building.

The building not only says something about New Zealand's unique cultural and natural identity - but is “an impressive process and experimentation with form and materials, leading to a bold and striking tectonic statement”.

A renovation in Kohi - by A+E

What was initially a kitchen reno - became a reconfiguration of space to maximise living spaces - designed by Grahame Cunningham.

The lounge, kitchen and dining was opened up and 4 outdoor decks were added. 

New timber cladding, timber decking, stonework features and a elevated pool also feature in the newly renovated home.

A pergola and built-in bench seating increase the connection between indoor and out, while offering a space for the adults to watch the children play in the pool below.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Wirra Willa Villa by Matthew Woodward Architecture

This pavilion (a private spa and guesthouse) in Australia's Somersby in New South Wales is akin to Mies Van der Rohe's architecture.

Floating steel and glass makes for an elegant and unobtrusive incision into the landscape that allows for both prospect and refuge.

A mini sanctuary.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Crafted Studio Kitchen Design Wins

Felicity Brenchley's own kitchen design has won NZ House & Garden's Supreme Award for it's clever use of materials and space.

A movable kitchen island fashioned out of an old barbecue trolley makes for a flexible space. While white laminate benchtops use a ply substrate (instead of the standard MDF). The exposed edges and handles that are cut out (from Cutshop) not only look smart, but save on hardware costs.

The lights were sourced from Ikea in Australia, and the island-top bowls from a recent trip to Indonesia. The splashback tiles were a splurge item from Middle Earth Tiles in Warkworth. The extensive storage space and cabinetry extends to a book shelf and work space - cleverly utilising both hidden and exposed storage types.

(via) (architect)

House in Brazil by SPBR Architects

This 'weekend house' in Brazil cleverly negates a narrow site and focuses on three strong programmatic elements: a ground floor garden, a level 1 apartment, and a rooftop swimming pool and terrace offering views across the city of Sao Paulo.

Vertically stacked insitu concrete volumes are interspersed with natural greenery and pools, and vertical timber cladding.

The 'suspended' pool and rooftop terrace volume are conceived as two parallel volumes with a staircase descending between them.

Landscaping offer a multitude of relaxing spaces hidden from city life.

Large concrete columns (spanning 12 metres) hold the two volumes.

Invisible sliding doors creates a seamless transition to the landscaped outdoor "oasis".

The architects have successfully pulled off a strong concept that makes use of the available inner city site.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Alterstudio (home in Texas)

Built from locally sourced cypress - the client's brief was that none of the site's existing trees were to be removed.

Thus the building sits among the landscape.

Cut-outs in the roof overhang and decking allow the mature trees to poke through the structure.

The natural landscaping further enhances the relationship between the home and the surrounding site.

The architecture speaks of the late modern approach - with clean lines, subtle material changes and curving walls.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Love this garage door feature

Designed by LGA Architectural Partners, a celestial light installation illuminates this garage door.

Holes are laser cut and LED lights are inserted into the 100mm cavity of the door.

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Team Green House in Central Otago, NZ

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Atelier Dome design this house for an artist

“It is a site-specific, life-size sculpture,” says architect Michelle Linden.

A studio, living space and shed are combined in an L-shape plan. A simple gabled matte-black form the various areas each reflect their function.

The shed is tall and narrow, the studio lofty and wide to hold sculptures and large canvases; and the living space is tight and polished, with 6 elegant glass doors stretching from floor to ceiling to frame the view.

S-House by Kouichi Kimura (Japan)

A multitude of different sized cuboid volumes make up this hilltop residence overlooking a lake in Shiga, Japan.

The concept to provide different framed views of the scenic surroundings and light qualities inside.

A variety of built-in furniture creates seating, shelves and tables.

An assortment of finishes including polished concrete, ceramic tiles, wooden panels, and plastered surfaces are used to create a dynamic and changing living landscape.

(Kolmar Reno) Marble & Kitchen Island

"Paomazetto marble, bronze patina and high-quality woods – and mixes warm and cool, rich and raw."


Naruse House by MDS in Tokyo

Raw and unassuming - with details that provide a sense of drama.

The house lies at a 3-point intersection of neighbourhood streets.

A shallow gable and modest square windows give a mild first impression.

Intersecting spatial axis create a dynamic space interior living space, while private spaces

A built-in dining table anchors the plan, while private spaces line the exterior walls.

Tham & Videgård Arkitekter - Vacation House in Stockholm

Folded black metal sheet roof and cladding (outer skin), hardwood timber framed windows and doors, a glulam structure and upstairs particle board natural stained lining.

A nice array of finishing textures / palette of materials...

/// Mae Engelgeer Textiles

Stunning textiles by Mae Engelgeer from the Netherlands bringing fabric to life.

Featuring boucherouite-style rugs and wall hangings.