Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Interface - Human Nature Carpet Tiles

Designed by David Oakey, these skinny tiles combine the hard look of planks with the benefits of soft carpet. Taking its cues from Mother Nature, the line has five patterns inspired by forest floors, grassy fields, and pebbled garden paths.

(Via Interface)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Studio Prototype - Dutch Home Extension

Dutch firm Studio Prototype have designed this extension to a home in Duiven. The new structure echoing the proportions of the old, yet slightly misaligned to differentiate between the two:

"By shifting the new volume slightly from the existing dwelling, a subtle connection is established between both with special views."

The cladding utilises narrow diagonal stained western-red cedar - the colour and textural qualities going nicely with the old red brick.

Grey profiled steel roofing and an inset glass entrance / porch area create a tidy design resolution.

(Via Dezeen)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rotorua Police Station by Leuschke Architects

LeuschkeArchitects  have not a "standard police station". But instead created a bold and beautiful building that embraces the tradition of Māori architecture in a contemporary way.

During consultation with the local (Rotorua) Iwi, the notion of a Korowai drape was found to be the most compelling notation for the building's expression: 'Just as a Korowai drapes and protects its wearer,so too the screen drapes and protects the building, just as in turnm the Police portect the community.'

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Graypants' 40 sq.m beachfront living design

A converted detached wood garage-cum tool shed into a multi-use space for dinner parties, meditation, yoga, and art lectures - it is a structure that has been "re-imagined" into a piece of liveable art.

Paying homage to the original building, old walls were salvaged for the flooring, sections of which can be lifted to reveal embedded mattresses for sleeping or daytime lounging.

This 'hide-and-reveal' theme plays out also with the custom Corian bookshelf that converts into a speakeasy-style-bar for entertaining.

Light is partially filtered by slats of reclaimed wood interspersed in an alternating void-solid pattern.

LED panels cover the interior bands of structural steel, giving off a sleek, futuristic vibe that contrast with the wood floors' roughness and antique wood stove.

Sections of the original garage walls are left in place, as a kind of relic. “The new building becomes a theater to watch the old one decay around you.”

Via Dwell.

Le Grand Switches and Power Outlets

Linea colours help match electrical accessories with a clients' home. by taking photos of walls, bench tops, splashbacks and tiles through the application, and then placing their light switch selection against the surfaces, clients can virtually try the product before they buy. Click Here to go to the app and click Here to visit the Linea Colours website.

Also available now are these sockets which include a USB module for charging your electrical (i.e. iphone) devices.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tim Stewart Architects

Horizontal planes, filtered light awning, stained timber, powdercoated steel and fibre cement... All are combined in this Queensland situated home.

Wynyard Quarter Development Plans

Willis Bond & Co have have partnered with Waterfront Auckland to provide a mixed-use scheme for an area around Daldy Street in Auckland's Wynyard Quarter.

Plans are to include over 500 new homes - apartments, townhouses, duplexes, retail, and community facilities (such as healthcare, childcare and a community centre). A diverse landscape is provided with the use of a number of architects, laneways, thoroughfares and open public spaces - all of which sounds like an exciting new development.

Timber frames will withstand weathering from the nearby sea. A courtyard / planting buffer zone between buildings and the street.

Again, planting and small roads make for a pedestrian friendly city.

UPDATE - H3.1 is no longer an Acceptable Solution for solid structural framing. H1.2 or H3.2 is required for enclosed framing under B2/AS1.

(Via Masterspec)