Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A farmhouse on Banks Peninsula by Pattersons

Mark Palmer, who grew up in NZ and lived in the US for 25 years has bought Annandale Farm in Christchurch. He has renovated the original farmhouse and constructed two new, one of which is this house set in a private bay (which incidentally you can rent here). He has also planted thousands of native trees.

The farmhouse’s walls and roof are clad in cedar.

Sliding cedar panels provide shelter in bad weather.

The main living space is anchored by a fireplace and chimney made from stone from the farm’s quarry, and features furniture by Roche Bobois and a rug made from wool from the farm’s sheep (left). Each of the home’s three main bedrooms (there is also a bunkroom) features a bath with a view (right)

The living room opens onto a large north-facing deck with a view of the ocean.

(via) (architect)