Thursday, October 23, 2014

Crafted Studio Kitchen Design Wins

Felicity Brenchley's own kitchen design has won NZ House & Garden's Supreme Award for it's clever use of materials and space.

A movable kitchen island fashioned out of an old barbecue trolley makes for a flexible space. While white laminate benchtops use a ply substrate (instead of the standard MDF). The exposed edges and handles that are cut out (from Cutshop) not only look smart, but save on hardware costs.

The lights were sourced from Ikea in Australia, and the island-top bowls from a recent trip to Indonesia. The splashback tiles were a splurge item from Middle Earth Tiles in Warkworth. The extensive storage space and cabinetry extends to a book shelf and work space - cleverly utilising both hidden and exposed storage types.

(via) (architect)