Thursday, October 23, 2014

House in Brazil by SPBR Architects

This 'weekend house' in Brazil cleverly negates a narrow site and focuses on three strong programmatic elements: a ground floor garden, a level 1 apartment, and a rooftop swimming pool and terrace offering views across the city of Sao Paulo.

Vertically stacked insitu concrete volumes are interspersed with natural greenery and pools, and vertical timber cladding.

The 'suspended' pool and rooftop terrace volume are conceived as two parallel volumes with a staircase descending between them.

Landscaping offer a multitude of relaxing spaces hidden from city life.

Large concrete columns (spanning 12 metres) hold the two volumes.

Invisible sliding doors creates a seamless transition to the landscaped outdoor "oasis".

The architects have successfully pulled off a strong concept that makes use of the available inner city site.